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  • I struggle to showcase my startup's unique culture effectively to attract talent.
  • I find it hard to streamline hiring, collaborate with my team, and centralize data.
  • I have difficulty accurately assessing candidates' skills.
  • I spend too much time on recruitment and struggle to find the best candidates.
  • I don't have an Interview Platform, therefore, it's difficult to hold interviews.
  • I lack evidence of the effectiveness of recruitment services.

And here’s how we do it for you, Step-By-Step.

Step 1

Create Your Own Employer Brand Identity

Use our white label career page to showcase your startup as an attractive destination for candidates.

  • Customize the page to reflect your brand identity and spotlight your company's values, mission, and opportunities in an engaging way.
Step 2

Define and find your hustler from 100+ Job boards

Once you get the job profile right, we’ll post it to 100+ job boards to find right person.

  • Use our ATS to effortlessly collaborate with your team, automate workflows, and centralize your data.Read More
Step 3

Now, let us match the resumes to your JD

We’ll show you the exact match percentage of the resumes to your job description.

  • Hence, with our AI, you get a list of qualified resumes that are a good fit for interviews without wasting a second on reading CVs.
Step 4

But, if you want to filter further, let’s assess them

Design and deliver customized assessments from our bank of 20k+ proven questions from our Assessment platform.

  • Alternatively, outsource your entire assessments to us.Read More
Step 5

Finally, let’s interview them, In AI Style!

Design and deliver customized assessments from our bank of 20k+ proven questions from our Assessment platform.

  • Our platform harnesses AI-generated questions, automated transcripts, auditing, and AI scorecards to find the perfect candidate who embodies your startup's spirit. View Sample AI Report
Step 6

But, if you need help in interviews, use our 3000+ expert interviewers.

Our seasoned interviewers have the flair for finding the go-getters for your startup culture.

  • From conducting initial interviews to delivering AI reports and assisting in recruiting top talent, you need not spend a sweat or a minute.Read More

But if you want to delegate steps 1 to 6 to us, we can help you fill vacancies with zero effort!

Let us handle the end-to-end hiring process, from crafting your employer brand to onboarding your ideal candidate. We'll take care of everything from job posting, candidate screening, interviewing, and more — so you can get back to what matters most.

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