a. A Jobseeker who is looking for Jobs
b. A Recruiter looking for talented candidates
c. A College who wish to boost their students visibility
d. A Candidate who needs to brush his skills
e. A Mentor who can help the young aspirants
You can find any type of jobs here, futuremug is not controlling the type of jobs
You can see the detail of number of views, who viewed your profile etc. on your dashboard.
You can’t directly connect with the recruiters in futuremug. But Recruiters can view your profile and connect with you.
No, It’s completely free for registering , but we strongly recommend you to explore the special services we can offer to paid users.
We will check your last login date, and if you haven’t logged in for more than 6 months, we consider that you got a job and moved on in your life, and forgot to change your status to ‘deactivate’ by yourself. So we will do it for you. :-)
The futuremug will not share any data of the jobseeker outside the futuremug portal without the consent of the respective jobseeker in writing.
A jobseeker’s public video can be viewed by the employer, and other users who have your public URL of your profile. Other videos which you have published can be seen by the registered recruiters in futuremug
A college can register in futuremug as a college user and can update the details in their profile. One of the main benefit for a college by joining the futuremug is that they can brand there college by displaying the college public profile and the list of students who are attached to their profile
A Recruiter can see the list of candidates applied against a job posted in futuremug. Also a recruiter can search the profiles of the students who have the skills and who are apt for the positions based on the different filtering options available in the portal.
• Complete your profile by entering all details like educational qualifications, experience details, Cover letter
• Upload your profile picture
• Upload your most recent CV
• Upload/Record maximum number of Profile Videos with most relevant data
• Make sure the video uploaded/recorded is audible and of good clarity
• Make sure your video uploaded display your personality.
• Make sure the video content relevant and justify your profile
• Take personality test
• Take aptitude test and score maximum marks
• Upload your other certifications and documents
• Add your skills information
• Add your Contact details.
futuremug have expert panels to handle IT domain specific technical Interviews for other Employers. These Interviews can be considered as a filtering process by Employers in identifying the exact Technical Skills, Coding Skills, Technology Updates of the candidates they shortlist from their end.
Usually we conduct minimum 30 mins session to identify the basic skills, technical involvement in the day to day activities, project knowledge, module wise explanation to understand the core capabilities of a candidate, and if he can explain well during this time we will extend it to know his coding skills and other key knowledge areas.
We identify candidates approach towards a particular problem, how he logically solves and narrates the solution for the situation , how he covers up the difficulties in practically executing the same etc. If he is a Lead his Team, Customer and Client handling maturity will be checked along with his Attitude , behavior and communication skills.
It works in two ways- Employers can Share their candidates Individually with their available schedules (time and Date) mentioned in the platform and team will coordinate the remaining and completed the interview. Or futuremug Team will share the available slots of the Panels to Employers end and they can coordinate available candidates and can share their resume to us. We have bulk upload option too where the entire coordination will be taken care by futuremug team in coordinating all at both ends. Once Interviews are done Interview Video and Interview Report will be visible in candidates profile.
We Takes Care of most of the technology Analysis on Front-End Web Technologies, Back-end Technologies, FullStack, Cloud Server Side, Web & Mobile Applications, QA Testing, AI,ML, Data Science, Blockchain, Architectural, Team Lead, PM’s , CTO’s Interviews too etc.
futuremug allows Employers to go for a briefing session with Interview Panels before Interviews happening to analyze their quliaties and to make them understand regarding the Job Description, Project Requirements, and Candidates Eligibility criteria’s. All the panels whom are taking Interviews with us are having 10+ years of experienced and been reviewed properly by our CTO & Technical Team.
By the end of March 2022 futuremug Core Team will have 200 permanent Interviewers and 300+ Freelance Panels to support Interviews
Employers can customize Questions to be asked during Interview, Customize the Report , Customize the pattern of Interview after discussion with our panels.
• Reliable- Gives a consistent and quality review and feedback of candidates
• Stable – Always Maintain a stable result for the process we do
• Expertise – All panels have enough Subject Matter Knowledge on the Domain they take Interviews
• Panel Strength – We have enough panels to conduct the Interviews on time.
• Evaluation Report – A very Crisp and Clear to the need Interview Report is delivered from futuremug’s end.
• Second Opinion – Our Interviews are very much considered by various MNC’s as a Second Opinion regarding their candidates
• Coding Test – Coding facility for Developers with Live Logic Explanation and Code building
• Time Flexibility – Shorter TAT for Conducting Interviews of your candidates
• Non-Availability of Internal Panel – Get expert evaluation due to non-availability of Internal Panels
• Video Records- Watch Interviews with Video & Audio to understand the quality of candidate at your convenience
• Increased Productivity – Improve and scale-up your teams productivity by engaging them into Projects by outsourcing Interviews
• Candidate’s Confidentiality – We maintain candidates confidentiality within one Employer Account for each Employer.
• Customization – Helps to get more accurate and relevant candidates by easy customization option with futuremug
• Precise Decisioning – Get the best value based evaluation through Technical Interviews.