Top Features to Look for in a Candidate Assessment Platform

Day by day, more and more companies are relying on candidate assessment platforms to handle HR activities from posting job openings to attracting a good pool of potential candidates, to interviewing candidates, to hiring candidates, to onboarding.  In addition to handling key tasks, online assessment platform reduces the human effort, streamlines the whole process, and makes it more transparent and unbiased, ensuring the best candidate-job fit.

Features of a good candidate assessment platform

So, what makes an assessment tools or platforms effective. How can they ensure quality and consistency? Do the platforms actually live up to the claims made by the candidate assessment service providers?  Let us find out.

  1. A wide range of tests to evaluate diverse skills – Companies will need to assess candidates on technical skills, as well as non-technical skills such as communication skills and problem-solving abilities. If the same platform that can assess both job-specific competencies and general aptitude, it is more desirable to employers.
  • Customization within assessments – In addition to having a comprehensive test library for various assessments, if the platform allows customization for the assessment tests, it will be more relevant and comprehensive for the specific job role. This is another great feature of a good assessment platform.
  • Automated scoring and in-depth reporting – If the assessment evaluation and scoring is automated, it is more efficient, accurate and free of biases. Employers also rely on the reports provided by the platforms to make data-driven decisions as they offer great insights into the candidate’s abilities.
  • Ease of use – The ideal assessment platform should be easy to use for both recruiters and candidates. Candidates prefer a simple, intuitive user interface which allows them to best showcase their skills and abilities, not encounter technical issues, and seek help if required. For recruiters, the platform should allow them to easily navigate it, conduct the assessments efficiently and access top talent.
  • Security – The platform should safeguard the security of all users including candidates and recruiters. The platform should protect the sensitive information that it contains and have various data protection mechanisms and confirm to the required regulations and compliance needs.

Explore futuremug’s assessment platform for hiring candidates

futuremug was among the pioneers in offering candidate assessment services for companies. Since then, we have developed a candidate assessment platform as well. Through constant improvements and upgrades, our platform has gained great popularity among our clients and they rely on it a sure-shot and fool-proof way to access great talent.

The following are some of the top features of the futuremug online assessment platform.

  • Extensive question library – Choose from our ever-expanding library of questions includingFill in the blanks, Multiple Choice, Subjective and descriptive, Image based, Situational judgment and Coding questions.
  • Scoring and assessment management – Using our assessment platform, you can schedule interviews that will be conducted by our in-house interviewer, and conduct interviews with real-time integrated IDE, AI-generated questions, and connect via WhatsApp/SMS for feedback.
  • Reporting – Go beyond basic scoring and unlock a wealth of actionable intelligence. futuremug empowers data-driven hiring decisions through a robust reporting suite.
  • Next-Level Proctoring – AI powered proctoring is now possible along with other features like multi-factor authentication and automatic disqualification.
  • 24/7 frictionless support – Our support services are part of a comprehensive ecosystem aimed at optimizing your hiring process, and saving you time, effort, and money.
  • Government Collaborations – ASAP Kerala and Govt. College for Women, Trivandrum has developed a psychometric test for class X students called KSAT (Kerala School Aptitude Test). futuremug has provided the technical platform support for this initiative.

To understand the full potential of our candidate assessment platform and how you can optimally leverage its potential, refer the following page on our website.

Our flexible and versatile assessment platform is ideal for Start-ups, mid-size businesses and large enterprises.

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