Ensuring quality and consistency in outsourced assessments

Evolution of assessment outsourcing services and platforms

Today companies offering assessment services have evolved a lot and help organisations of all shapes and sizes streamline their hiring processes and find candidate who are the best fit for the role. To ensure that these two goals are met, it is important to maintain quality and consistency in assessments. This can be a challenge for most service providers and assessment platforms need to be robust, flexible, and reliable. 

The reliability and validity of the platform and the tools used go a long way in ensuring effective candidate assessments. Through specific and standardised assessment procedures designed for specific job roles, it is possible to gain an in-depth understanding of the candidate’s knowledge levels, skills, and how well they align with the company values and culture.  However to measure these aspects and to avoid biases and inconsistencies, the assessment platforms must be intuitive, smart, and consistent.

So how can companies ensure quality and consistency in outsourced assessments? He are a few good practices.

  • Choose a service provider with a proven track record of providing top talent. Look for
    • Quality of service
    • Technical expertise
    • Customization
    • Strong data security
    • Responsiveness to issues
  • Communicate your requirements clearly to the service provider.
    • Provide required candidate qualifications
    • Provide soft-skills that are desirable.
    • Explain company culture and the way you work to get the ebay fit.
    • Also mention the type of candidates that need not be considered.
  • Attract a growing and quality talent pool.
    • Invest in branding and marketing
    • Make the assessment process transparent and simple.
    • Keep line of communication open
  • Consider Scalability and Scope of services offered
    • Choose service providers who offer end-to-end services
    • Choose service providers who can seamlessly hire large number of candidates
    • Choose service providers who have strong industry network
  • Have an internal mechanism to ensure quality
    • Provide feedback on quality of candidates 
    • Be involved in the assessment process and provide inputs
    • Follow approaches that have yielded best results

For a comprehensive checklist of things to look at, refer to our blog  – “Creating Effective Online Assessments: Best Practices” .

What futuremug offers through its assessment process

futuremug takes care of end-to-end processes involved in assessing candidates. We providement candidate assessment services by ensuring a robust process that ensures top quality of talent on a consistent basis.In addition to candidate assessment outsourcing services, futuremug also offers an assessment platform which our clients can use to conduct candidate assessments themselves. To ensure assessments for better hiring we ensure assessing soft skills as well such as effective communication, critical thinking problem-solving, and teamwork. 

The benefits of using our assessment platform include

  • Customised Assessment Solutions
  • Consolidated Assessment Report Solutions
  • Reliable And Valid Assessment Solutions
  • Complete Assessment Solutions
  • Psychometric Skills Assessment Solutions
  • Zero Malpractice tolerance Zone
  • Proctoring Enabled Assessment Solutions
  • Authorization Solutions

How does futuremug provide quality talent on a consistent basis?

The strength of the process or platform in itself, the amount of customization it allows, and the type of support services it offers, all go a long way in ensuring organisations find top talent. It also ensures that they attract the desired pool of applicants and that there is a constant pipeline of talent that is available for them. 

At futuremug, we follow a 6-step process for candidate assessments for our clients.  

  1. Define your needs based on the job description and desired candidate profile.
  2. Expand your talent pool through futuremug’s extensive talent network.
  3. Assessment development by creating job-specific assessments tailored to your specific criteria.
  4. Automated candidate invitation and management.
  5. Flexible and secure assessment delivery as candidates can take the assessment at their convenience, within a designated timeframe set by you.
  6. Comprehensive results and reporting for data-driven hiring decisions.

Partner with us to ensure that your organisation consistently benefits from top talent across multiple functions. Get in touch with us today and request a free demo.

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