Virtual Hiring Trends: Adapting to a Remote Workforce

There has been a global shift toward remote working, and more and more businesses are joining the movement. This transformation has also changed the way organizations approach hiring. The traditional interview strategy, which is based on face-to-face, in-person interviews, is becoming less practicable as more firms build remote and cross-geographic workforce. The need for virtual hiring solutions is increasing, and more firms are willing to conduct interviews and evaluations using virtual platforms and technologies for interviewing candidates. AI-integrated interview platforms and assessment tools are bringing unprecedented efficiency and precision to the hiring process, allowing businesses to access and hire top talent while making data-driven, precise hiring decisions.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in virtual hiring and how AI integration is altering the future of recruitment.

Post-pandemic rise in remote working and remote hiring

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to consider remotely managing their operations, including recruiting. Virtual recruiting is pretty much the norm today, as is the rise of remote labour and virtual operations. Running the operations virtually offers a ton of benefits to the companies that are motivating them to persist with this approach even in the post-pandemic era.

AI-Integrated Interview Platforms

At the heart of the virtual hiring process are the AI platforms for interviewing and assessing candidates. AI has made the interview process much more streamlined and offers many advantages. A lot of big and small tasks in the process can be automated, and the complete interview procedure is more transparent and smoother.

Now let us look at some of the major benefits offered by AI-integrated interview platforms:

  • Fair evaluation – AI-integrated interview platforms automate many tasks and rely on a set of objective criteria to assess candidates. The hiring decisions that are the result of using such platforms are thus fairer and freer of bias.
  • Cost efficiency through better quality hires – Primarily, AI-integrated platforms save time, effort, and money. Beyond these obvious benefits, they also save cost to companies as they precisely identify the best candidate for each role.
  • A more relevant interview – The streamlined process, transparent communication and feedback, and round-the-clock support, all enhance the overall interview experience for the candidate.

The following article talks about the reason why many companies still rely on virtual interviews over traditional interviews.

Trends in virtual hiring

Every day, virtual recruiting breaks new ground and moves the recruitment process closer to being efficient and productive. Let’s look at the latest trends in virtual recruiting.

  • Video interviews that are supported by AI – Through AI-powered video interviews, companies can make use of many advanced features that offer insight into the behavioural aspects of the candidate. These attributes determine how well they do at their job.
  • Predictive Analytics – This is yet another way in which AI-integrated interview platforms enhance hiring. Predictive analytics are relied upon extensively to try and understand how a candidate will perform at his job in the future.

Thus, by using AI platforms for interviewing, companies can set up virtual assessment centres for hiring. These platforms offer fair and transparent hiring through automation and are easily integrated with other HR tools and technologies, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource information systems (HRIS), resulting in increased efficiency. Third-party service providers, like futuremug, provide AI-integrated virtual interview and evaluation support through their services and platforms.

futuremug is an interview platform provider and offers organizations a very intuitive and effective interview platform. Read about the benefits of our virtual interview platform here.

You can also read in the following blog, how AI impacts online assessment platforms.

Virtual hiring is evolving every day and offers many AI-integrated benefits. It offers great versatility, flexibility, and a wider reach into top-quality talent pools in unconventional locations. It continues to play a key role in helping organizations of all shapes and sizes, build a strong, resilient, and adaptive workforce. This can often be what puts companies head and shoulders above their competition. It brings sustained and long-term success in an ever-changing business landscape.

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